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KEWB - Sofa Chair - Bed - Table

  • It's Chair and Table

  • It's a Recliner and Table

  • It's a Bed and Side Table

  • and lots more...

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The KEWB is a unique piece of furniture design...

The KEWB wooden frame and zip-together foam cushions can be used in a variety of ways....

In it's storage position it's a table with the the KEWB cushions stored within the table structure.  Remove the cushions., unfold the frame and there's a chair or recliner position.  Fold out the frame and attach the main table top for a full length single bed including a smaller bedside table surface.

The cushions can be separated by un-zipping and the used as floor cushions around the frame as a games table.


If you have two KEWBS together there are even more options as to how they can be used together!


The KEWB  - lots of ideas is a single box.

The three Kewb cushions are filled each with 100mm think high-density Reflex foam.

Dimensions in cm

The KEWB is supplied as a single package wrapped in cardboard. Total weight approx 48Kg

None the KEWB is supplied ready to use - simply unpack.

Dimensions in cm