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We currently have a whole host of Special Offers on our Futon Sofa Beds: Free Pair of Cushions on our STAKKA Futons, STARTA Futons, VAST and REGATTA Sofa Beds. Free Upholstered Headboard Arm Rests o [...]


New Fabric Choices for our ZIPIT Roll-Up mattresses. We've added a whole new selection of fabric colours to our ever-popular ZIPIT roll-up mattresses.  Ideal for sleepovers; camping mattresses;  [...]

ZIPIT Roll-Up Mattress - New Fabric Choices

Modern Sofa Beds - take a look at our companion site www.sitandsleep.co.uk

Contemporary Sofa Beds from www.sitandsleep.co.uk

Futon Sofa Beds

This directory listing contains a full listing of the futon sofa beds we have available for UK-wide delivery.

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3 Seater Futon Sofa Beds

Ideal if you have sufficient space - The width of these sofabed forms the bed length of around 2m.  

2 Seater Futon Sofa Beds

These are more compact sofa beds - The width of the sofa is the same width as the sleeping deck.  The models fold-out to provide sufficient sleeping length.

1 Seater Futons

Ideal for smaller rooms or to complement or larger futon models.

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Avant Futon £395

Vast Futon £425

  • Front operated
  • Storage space built-in
  • Modular - fits through small doorways
  • SPECIAL OFFER - FREE Pair of Cushions
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Rapid Futon £359

Snug Sofa Bed £435

  • Front operated
  • Normal bed height
  • Storage space built-in
  • SPECIAL OFFER - FREE Store-drawer


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Starta Futon

  • Timeless "A" Frame futon design
  • Twin height seat
  • Range of 3 sizes
  • from

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MAX Futon Sofabed £345

Stakka Futon

  • The ultimate in simplicity
  • Unpack it - use it! No assembly required
  • Range of 3 sizes
  • from

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KEWB - Sofa Chair - Bed - Table

Classic Futon

  • "A" Frame futon design plus twin height seat
  • Wheels and lounger position
  • Choice of 3 sizes
  • SPECIAL OFFER - FREE Headboard Arms
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Traditional Futon

Compact Futon £359

Roman Futon - 3 Seater £325

Regatta Futon - 3 Seater £325

Breeze Futon - 3 Seater

Breeze 3 Seater Futon
Lacquered Frame with Wooden Arms


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Levanto Futon - 2 Seater

Levanto Futon Compact double 2 seater futon


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Sundowner Futon - 3 Seater

Sundowner 3 Seater Futon
Magazine Storage in Armrest


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