Zipit Roll-Up Beds

Simply unzipit and the ZIPIT rolls out...

We have a choice of two type of Zipit roll-up mattresses.  The Zipit Futon is filled with layers of woollen felt and pure wool to give a futon-type mattress which is about 5cm in thickness and can be rolled up.

Alternatively the Zipit Foam mattress is filled with a thick 7cm of quality luxurious Reflex foam affords bed mattress comfort and a good nights sleep.  
When it's not needed - roll it up - zipitup and put it away!

Ideal for unexpected guests, sleepovers or camping.  Can also be used as a mattress topper to add extra comfort to a bed.

Cover can be removed for dry-cleaning.  Available in a choice of colours and sizes.

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The Zipit Roll-Up Foam Mattress

The ZIPIT, UnZip, Roll Out, Sleep.


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The Zipit Roll-Up Futon Mattress

The ZIPIT Futon, UnZip, Roll Out, Sleep.


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