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Please note our offices and showroom will be closed on Good Friday 18th April 2014 and on Easter Monday 21st April 2014.   We will be open as usual on Easter Saturday 19th April and as usual fro [...]

Easter 2014 Opening Times

Our unique Zipit roll up mattresses are ideal for camping beds, sleepovers, spare rooms, or as mattress toppers.   Now you can choose between two types of fillings:

Futon Fillings - filled with a [...]

Choice of fillings for Zipit Roll Up Mattresses

We've now introduced a new fabric choice available across our futon sofabeds at Futon Design.   Called Prime we have a choice of eight fantastic colours.    [...]

More New Futon Fabrics Introduced

Zipit Roll-Up Beds

Simply unzipit and the ZIPIT rolls out...

We have a choice of two type of Zipit roll-up mattresses.  The Zipit Futon is filled with layers of woollen felt and pure wool to give a futon-type mattress which is about 5cm in thickness and can be rolled up.

Alternatively the Zipit Foam mattress is filled with a thick 7cm of quality luxurious Reflex foam affords bed mattress comfort and a good nights sleep.  
When it's not needed - roll it up - zipitup and put it away!

Ideal for unexpected guests, sleepovers or camping.  Can also be used as a mattress topper to add extra comfort to a bed.

Cover can be removed for dry-cleaning.  Available in a choice of colours and sizes.

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The Zipit Roll-Up Foam Mattress

The ZIPIT, UnZip, Roll Out, Sleep.


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The Zipit Roll-Up Futon Mattress

The ZIPIT Futon, UnZip, Roll Out, Sleep.


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